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Kiehl's pflegendes Geschenke-Set
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Unsere drei absoluten Kundenlieblinge sind das perfekte Geschenk für jeden. Das Set enthält drei Kiehl's Pflegetalente und spendet 24H intensive Feuchtigkeit für das Gesicht. Das Set beinhaltet die feuchtigkeitsspendenden Gesichtspflegeprodukte Ultra Facial Cream (28ml), Midnight Recovery Concentrate (4ml) und Creamy Eye Treatement with Avocado (1,5ml). Diese drei Bestseller Produkte versorgen die Haut das ganze Jahr 24H lang mit Feuchtigkeit und pflegen sie intensiv. Mit dem Set verschenkst du einzigartige Wohlfühlmomente und puren Luxus für die Haut. Die Ultra Facial Cream spendet 24H Feuchtigkeit für das Gesicht. Das Creamy Eye Treatment sorgt für eine Augenpartie voller Ausstrahlung und bietet maximale Hydration für die empfindliche Augenpartie. Das Midnight Recovery Concentrate regeneriert die Haut über Nacht, für sichtbar erholte Haut am Morgen.

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Phantom: Edge of the Flame , Hörbuch, Digital, ...
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Edge of the Flame is a twist on the tale of The Phantom of the Opera. The infamous Phantom narrates this version giving the reader a remarkable insight into the brilliant mind and tortured heart of the complex character. This engaging version keeps the integrity and chilling spirit of the original novel, but unmasks a brand new gothic love story.  Phantom: Edge of the Flame offers an alternative explanation for the shocking deeds attributed to the man known as the Phantom. A musical genius with a penchant for murder, Erik 'haunts' the opera house in the late 1800's. He becomes a recluse 'phantom' living in the bowels of the theatre. He frightens performers, extorts money from the managers and kills if his orders are not obeyed. The Phantom is filled with disdain for humanity born from a lifetime of maltreatment due to a facial deformity.  One dark night, while riding in his carriage, Erik encounters a woman and her coachman stranded on an isolated road. Erik sees murderous intent in the driver's eyes. Killing women is outside Erik's policy of acceptable murder, so he offers her a ride. Erik finds comfort in the pitch black of the carriage and eventually converses with the outgoing American. His charm, impeccable manners, and racy wit keep Olivia Weston entertained. They strike up a friendship on the long drive to Paris in the dark.  Erik pursues Olivia in a series of clandestine midnight visits and moonlit excursions. After a lifetime of solitude, the complexities of a relationship confuse Erik. He misinterprets social cues, challenges commonly accepted norms and causes serious injury to another man when he feels threatened.  When three men attack Erik and leave him for dead, he hunts them down and shows no mercy. Reeling from this huge moral setback, he begins to doubt that he can ever change. In a surge of self-loathing and contempt for mankind, he kidnaps Olivia believing she is his last chance to turn fear into lo 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matt Jamie. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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