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The bullet tore through 900 meters before the ejected shell casing even hit the ground. Splitting thick blond hairs with enormous energy, it introduced itself to Sven Olagssen and valiantly rushed out the other side of his head, exploding into thousands of unidentifiable little pieces - just as designed. Agent Stone calmly pulled his head back from his sniper scope. His senses were on full alert now. Red-billed blue Mmagpies were chirping to each other and showing off their bright colors; nearby an occasional bulbul would interrupt them with an anxious tweedle, and osmanthus flowers filled the air with their intoxicatingly sweet scent. For some, death was a disturbing and haunting reality. For others, it was something never witnessed or spoken of. For Trey Stone, the death of his targets meant many others would live. He had no problem falling asleep that night to the humming engines of the CIA yacht…until a phone call spun his life around and drew him into a dark and very personal war.If you like Tom Clancy, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Daniel Silva, or Ward Larsen, then you will love Conrad Brasso! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Conrad Brasso. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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